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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

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Voyager on the other hand while a long way from home still had a home and a civilization to go back to. The belief was that someday they would get back to that civilization and would be answerable to those laws.
Indeed! I think this was also a factor in their decision to uphold much of Starfleet's regulations and procedure. Isn't it Alliances where Janeway asks Chakotay something along the line of "Do you propose we abandon our principals just because we're out of hailing range?"

Now, I'm kinda with GodBen and a lot of the others who call for a more loose interpretation of Starfleet rules and procedure. I would have loved it if the Voyager crew had become something of their own culture, differing from 'normal' Starfleet crews but still Starfleet. However, I would have liked to see that develop in the later seasons rather than around the time of Learning Curve, when the ship was lost for only what, seven months? I bet there are Starfleet ships on expeditions that are out of there more or less on their own for a lot longer than seven months. So Learning Curve would have been way too early for them to change radically.

As for Tuvok and the Bajoran earring, I always figured the guy was allowed to wear the thing after they'd made it through Tuvok's cadet training. He was just really hard on them to ensure a tight discipline.
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