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But there are those who can't separate the music since the Beatles from the contribution and evolution of mainstream rock that the Beatles were when they were first popular. Like saying silent films are crap because they're in black and white, the acting is over-exaggerated and there's no sound.
And when was the last time you actually sat down to watch a silent movie? I would guess very rarely, and you're far more likely to watch a movie that was made after you were born that you can relate to more.

History lessons are great, if I'm in the mood for a history lesson. But when I want to listen to interesting and challenging rock music made by and for adults, the Beatles are about the last thing I'll put on. .
You've proven my point expertly. And I frequently watch silent films ... and to prove that I'm also a part of what I'm discussing, I can appreciate so much about the silent films, but I can't know what the experience of seeing them when they first came out was like. Doesn't mean I can't appreciate them, just means I can't appreciate them in the original way.

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