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24th Century lawsuit: Mr. Roarke vs the Federation

I can't help but imagine that Mr. Roarke would be furious in the 24th Century about the UFP's invention of holo-entertainment.

The holodeck & holosuites would be just the thing to zap Mr. Roarke's tourism business & industry.

So, I guess Mr. Roarke would then file a civil lawsuit vs the UFP for destroying his livelihood. Where are the Federation's law offices located? Probably San Francisco yes?

Mr. Roarke had centuries of strong business, the later years including Vulcans, Denobulans, Andorians, Klingons. Recently, after a drought of no one coming due to holosuites, a Romulan family spent a week on his lovely island.

Would Roarke have any case vs the Feds?

A funny thing about Roarke is that he's a dead ringer for Khan Noonian Singh. In recent times, some folks say he's also a dead ringer for Dr. Tolian Soran. Whether Roarke resembles Khan or Soran depends on who you talk to, which doesn't help his case any. At least not in the court of public opinion.

Anyway, do you think Mr. Roarke has a case, any case vs the Feds? Or would Roarke be laughed out of court?

Your thoughts>

SIDENOTE: I hope the mods don't move this to aficionadofic as this thread isn't intended to be aficionadofic in any way, shape or form.

Thank you.
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