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Hendrix took a lot from the London guitar scene that he was a part of before making it big-and that scene came out of inspiration provided by the Beatles.
Hendrix was a huge Beatles fan, IIRC he famously kicked off a concert with a cover of "St. Pepper" the day the album came out. So he was certainly inspired by them. Several of his songs, like like "Wait Until Tomorrow" are quite Beatlesque in their construction.

But to be entirely accurate, Hendrix didn't really take a lot from the London guitar scene - he was more of a source of inspiration for British guitarists. He had already developed his signature psychedelic/blues sound playing in dingy clubs in Greenwich Village in New York City when he was discovered by Chas Chandler and brought to London to record "Are You Experienced."

One story that's widely told (though it may be apocryphal, for all I know) is that Pete Townsend was walking into a London club where Hendrix was performing and ran into Eric Clapton on the way out. Clapton had an absolutely ashen, shattered look on his face, and Townsend asked him, "Oh, is this new guy that bad?" Clapton replied, "No, mate, he's that good."
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