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I’ve been a fan my whole life. What strikes me is the musical progression from 1962 to 1969. Those 8 years seem like 18. Bands today are lucky to get 3 albums in 8 years and they had what 16? The songwriting skills were just amazing. People may not like the style of the music but you have a hard time arguing against the songwriting success. Not to mention that the songs are in our cultural jargon. People mention taking the “long and winding road” to such and such.

The 60’s was also a crucial time for the evolution of rock music. It’s debatable how much the Beatles drove that change but it is certain that they were just a popular and powerful band that their incorporation of different sounds, techniques and even fashion allowed the fringe to become mainstream. It easy to look back on that time now and say the songs were too bubblegum but you have to remember that the envelope was just beginning to be pushed back then. The Beatles weren’t the only band to start pushing but their popularity allowed them more freedom to do so making it easier for others to do the same.
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