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Re: TV Ratings (Monday 3rd March)

TBBT, HIMYM, The Bachelor, The Bachelor ATFR, Two and a Half Men, Rules of Engagement and CSI: Miami
Still going strong...
In trouble...
Chuck, Heroes and Medium


The Bachelor proves that weird people are back in mass to watch TV these days by giving it a huge season sendoff and infact its lucky the ratings have been a massive improvement or recent years as it was rumored to be ready for the chopping block last season.

CBS has a typical night though CSI Miami was displaced as the number one 10pm show but am sure it was only a blip since The Bachelor was airing a season finale. RoE returned and proves that its a better partner than Worst Week though RoE will never be more than a time filler just like Old Christine found out this season. If I was CBS though I think its easier to launch a new sitcom next season in the 8-9 slot and TBBT proved earlier that it would make a perfect partner for Two & Half Men or they could put TBBT at 9pm with 2&HM at 9:30pm.

24 hit a season low but still solid numbers for a 8 year old show airing its 7th season though the demo could be a little better.

Chuck has lost all steam and is 40/60 IMO unless the numbers rise and despite Heroes downfall, am sure the demo will get the show one more season. Heroes could benefit from a budget cut to focus on characters more and a smaller cast would be better with the likes of Claire being cut. Heroes will probably get a 4th season 22 episode order but it may need a new night and a bit of luck...write season 4 as the last, if I was Tim & Bryan. Medium is down as well and unlike the other two, I feel theres no reason for NBC to keep if they are cutting air hours next season so most likely goodbye Medium.

CW - Repeats
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