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A friend of mine and fellow viola player introduced me to the Beatles back when I was 13. I was familiar with several of their songs, but didn't really fullty appreciate their wide range of musicality until years later, when I decided to listen solidly to one of their albums - as it happened, it was "Revolver" which while on holiday another passenger decided to play non-stop on the coach. "Revolver" is for me arguably their single greatest achievement, although nowadays my favourite album of theirs remains "Abbey Road" - a true miracle of a record given the state of the band around that time.

And even for all their now critically acclaimed experimentation and psychedelia of their "middle period" and the grooviness, maturity (musically, anyway) and branching out to other musical styles of their later years, my favourite Beatles song is still "I Want To Hold Your Hand" - its simplicity, innocence, optimism and sheer energy always wins me over.

The Beatles have endured musically. It's no surprise that their sound has influenced the course of rock music, and even led to certain other bands trying to emulate their sound (for example...).
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