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Re: Facebook... officially lame

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I have my mother, grandmother and three aunts on Facebook. Now that I'm more or less and "adult" graduated from college and in the workplace, I actually like it. It's not like they going to "catch" me doing something, lol-- but you're quite right, Facebook has gone from "cool" to just another way that people communicate and stay in touch. I'm glad it's the latter.

My fiancee and I joked that nobody considered us officially dating until it was "facebook official"
Yeah, my Mother, Father and a bunch of Aunts and Uncles are on Facebook and I find it a great way to stay in touch since I am living overseas.

I really don't see what the big deal is. I don't act any differently on facebook than I do in real life. From day one my philosophy was that I wouldn't post anything online that I wouldn't want my Mom to see.
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