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Re: TV Ratings (Monday 3rd March)

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Heroes last week did even worse so at least it went up, it was 6.5 or something. It was a series low.
6.95 million...season 4 will be the last at this rate.
Probably, yeah. But at least Bryan Fuller will have a year to get the show whipped back into some kind of shape and give us something to remember it by besides, "thank God that crap is gone."

Who knows what NBC will have planned after that. NBC is an even bigger sinking ship than Heroes, so it's all relative.

The ever-savvy Review/Cancel Index:

Heroes is way down from the heights of its earlier seasons. Heck, it’s way down from earlier this season. Fans are worried that the shows big budget might cause it to be canceled. I don’t buy it. I think NBC’s scripted line up is just in such utter shambles that NBC will somehow work out the numbers to bring Heroes back. It might come back with a big budget cut, and may not look like the current show, but I think it will be back.
Scuttlebutt has it that Heroes is firing its junior writers. Maybe it should fire all its writers. But it's a good sign for budgetary restraint either way.
Every show I follow seems to be sharply dropping in ratings this year (Heroes, 24, Lost, CSI, etc). Is there a single show that is RISING in the ratings this year? Well I think Mother & Big Bang went up. Isn't this just an artifact of everyone switching to TIVO/downloading?
It's an artifact of competition with cable. But no, I can't think of any shows that are doing better than treading water for their lives.
A little over a generation ago, the three commercial broadcast networks controlled over 90% of the primetime television audience. Today, the share of the 11 different commercial broadcast networks is less than 40% and falling.

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