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Re: new Farscape comic by O'Bannon & KRAD

A very hearty congrats on all involved in the book!! You guys must be ecstatic! All the hard work is showing and paying off, and I'm thankful too! Just read this:

Gagnon, along with editor Ian Brill, also edits “Farscape.” The first issue, which came out in December, is BOOM!’s best selling book of all time, selling out in five days. The second issue also sold out. “We’ve never done a second printing on a second issue in the four year history of BOOM!” Mosher said, until “Farscape #2.”

Richie said the book was bringing “Farscape” fans into comic shops. “A lot of fans who don’t even particularly read comics just came in because they’re fans of ‘Farscape,’” Richie said. “Hopefully they picked up something else while they were in there.”
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