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Re: Titan: Over a Torrent Sea (SPOILERS)

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I'm curious Christopher. Is it possible for Titan to "dive" under the sea? I was under the impression that they could since they have been fitted with the latest technology. Plus, it would be kinda cool.
They have the latest technology for a space vessel. It doesn't follow that such technology would allow it to function as a submarine.

Leela: Depth at 45 hundred feet, 48 hundred, 50 hundred! 5000 feet!

Farnsworth: Dear Lord, that's over 150 atmospheres of pressure.

Fry: How many atmospheres can this ship withstand?

Farnsworth: Well it's a spaceship, so I'd say anywhere between zero and one.

Also cool that I got the 100th post.
Actually you got the 101st, according to the info on my screen.
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