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Re: Are you awesome?

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Honest question about how you see yourself. Do you wake up in the morning and think, "wow, I am awesome. What a privilege it is for people to know me," then proceed to whistle your way to work?
Yeah but then the depressive side of the manic-depressive disorder kicks in and they have to coax me out from under the bus seat.
That's me too. But then I remind myself that bipolar disorder is associated with high intelligence and abundant creativity, and, even as I'm fighting not to step in front of the train, I remember how awesome I am in my misery.

So yes, I am awesome, and here are the reasons why:

-I am very good at my job.
-I have excellent fashion sense.
-I'm super-duper smart.
-I am a very talented artist.
-I have a great sense of humor.
-I look good in any and all hats.
-I can enjoy almost any situation just a little bit, if only for the sake of novelty, e.g. getting an arterial blood-draw in the ICU (as opposed to blood drawn from the vein) is incredibly painful, but it left a killer bruise from the palm of my hand to my elbow! It was a thing of beauty!
-I have gorgeous hair.
-I have awesome tattoos.
-I'm pretty hot.
-I'm well-read.
-I get physics jokes.
-I play the cello.
-I bake really good cookies.
-I can bike 25 miles and not get tired.
-I can recognize any episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation after watching only a few seconds.
-I had a really rough childhood, which I know does not make me inherently awesomer than people who had it easy, but since I came through it all awesomely, it makes me awesome.
-I can put my feet behind my head in yoga class.
-I know all the words to all the songs by David Bowie and all the songs from The Sound of Music.
-I stayed up for 7 days straight once -- granted I was manic, but it was pretty awesome.
-I am American and can name all the actors who played The Doctor in order, and could do so before NuWho.
-I drew an awesome picture of Carl Sagan.


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