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Re: Titan: Over a Torrent Sea (SPOILERS)

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I was curious why you decided to name the planet "Droplet"?
Well, it's a big round ball of water, innit?

At the time I came up with the name, I was hoping I could concoct something like the ocean in space from VGR: "Thirty Days," only on a planetary scale and naturally occurring. The name would've fit that pretty well. But that would've been physically impossible, I now know. A Leger ocean planet was about as close as I could come to that, and I decided the name was close enough to keep.

One thing that fiction often overlooks when it comes to scientists is their sense of whimsy. Physicists hunt for particles named MACHOs and WIMPs. Biologists coin taxonomic names like Ba humbugi and Lalapa lusa. Scientists enjoy their work, and they often like giving goofy names to things. I don't want Titan's crew to be a bunch of stuffy nerd stereotypes who insist on doing everything with humorless formality. I want them to be like real science nerds, to have fun doing their job and not be afraid to get silly occasionally.

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Will you be doing annotations for this book, similar to your others? I always garner a deeper insight after I reread the book with the annotations!
Annotations will be coming soon.
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