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Re: ENT Forum Get To Know You Thread Pt 2

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Version one here.

The purpose of this thread is for new members of the forum to introduce themselves, and for old members to get to know each other a bit better.

Happy posting!
I'm a first-gen Classic Trekker -- age 11 when TOS premiered. I watched the show through all three seasons and into syndication. TOS ran at 6pm weeknights here in the NYC area, and my husband and I used to have dinner with Kirk and Spock every night. When we bought our first VCR in 1982, the first pre-recorded tape we bought was TWOK.

TNG didn't do much for me when it was in syndication -- I didn't fully appreciate it until I bought the DVDs (and later saw First Contact).

DS9 though -- I loved that from the premiere, and still adore it. I don't think it ever received the attention it was due, unfortunately.

I gave Voyager a try, but it didn't do anything for me, and I stopped watching in the second season.

I didn't watch ENT when it was originally on -- it conflicted with other things I'd been taping previously (and with Yankee games in the summer -- and -nothing- interferes with my Yankee games). But the Columbia references in the latest Destiny novel trilogy piqued my curiosity, and when Barnes & Noble ran its 'buy 2, get one free' DVD sale, I found a good use for my Christmas money, and grabbed all 4 seasons, then devoured them in a marathon (I took a break after S4 to watch the 8th season of L&O:SVU, then jumped back into S1 of ENT). Since then, I've been scapping up the novels, and trolling the Web for good ENT fanfic.

Fan stuff: I'm a fanzine reader, writer, and editor/publisher, have run a convention, and am taking renewed pleasure in the current incarnations of the ST novels. Other favorite fandoms include Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Rat Patrol, JAG, Magnum, Classic Star Wars, Stargate SG-1.

Personal stuff -- I'm in my mid-50s, a career civil servant who will be married 29 years this April (to the love of my life, a self-proclaimed non-fan who loves Trek nonetheless -- and who can quote TOS dialogue better than I can); no human kids, but we're owned by two Bassets, two Jack Russells (one of whom is named Tucker -- but the name comes from a mystery novel series, not ENT), and three parrots. Diehard NY Yankee fan fom the womb. Give me DVDs, books, a nice backyard (read: rose garden -- my husband and I are certified rose junkies, as well) to read in, and I'm in hog heaven.
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