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Re: TV pilot season begins...

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Because it way, way violates our PG-13 rules. Just be glad I caught it before Bonz came across it.
How, there was no nudity. Hell I've seen worse on prime time tv...
A woman cutting her t-shirt off to reveal her breasts? Okay. Be my guest--PM the image to TBonz, and if she tells you that you can put it back in, go right ahead. But drop it in this thread.

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Weird little news tidbit - Steve McQueen's grandson and namesake lands lead in vampire show! Well, grandad did get his start with a B movie about a giant blob...

"Vampire Diaries," from "Scream" and "Dawson's Creek" mastermind Kevin Williamson, is based on Alloy's series of books. It centers on Elena, a tragic young heroine who is the object of passion for two vampire brothers -- one good, one evil -- who are at war for her soul and for the souls of her friends, family and other residents of the small town in which she resides.
Wow. That's as CW as it gets.
I didn't realize this was from Kevin Williamson! I admit, I was a big Dawson's Creek fan, and I also enjoyed Wasteland, his series about people in their 20s that only lasted for like 5 or 6 episodes, back when that was on. And I loved Glory Days, which only had half a season as well. I didn't check out Hidden Palms or whatever his last CW series was, but I might check this one out.
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