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Re: Facebook... officially lame

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Nope. Not a chance in hell. I give them their space, I'm by no means a "clingy parent".
That's probably the best way to handle it

If my parents friended me on facebook, I'd look very carefully into the settings to find out how much I could hide from them. It's not that I hide things by nature, it's just a separate world as far as I'm concerned.
I think it's pretty much the only way to handle it. At some point, as a parent, you have to realize that your kids are adults now and entitled to their own lives. Sure, you can still help out if asked or offer to help when they have problems but if you haven't raised them to function in society on their own by the time they're in their 20's you screwed up somewhere along the line.

If either one of my daughters asked me to friend them, I'd consider it (not saying I would though) but I'm certainly not all butt hurt because they haven't. I raised them to be independent.
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