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Re: The truth about Bill Shatner and James Doohan

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I have read so many silly rumors about why Jim hated Bill by now and the latest offending poor Anita - that I've just got to speak up.

Yes. Jim disliked Bill. End of statement. There was little more to it than that. They simply didn't hit it off. OK people?

Now the latest rumor was that Bill had slept with Jim's 2nd wife. I can understand how Shatner's reputation probably sparked these rumors. But if people, who know neither of them go saying Doohan's wife cheated on him, then this is very unfair to Anita Doohan because she really is the sweetest woman. And has had a lot of bad luck with her ex-husbands. Including Jimmy Doohan.

True. Shatner had affairs with beautiful women. The real ladiesman on Star Trek was however Jim Doohan. He would hit on every attractive woman within sight.

Well, Jim always took responsibility for his marriage falling apart so please don't call Anita a cheat. Jim was the cheat here. Jimmy Doohan was a funny bastard and everything else but his second wife divorced him over spousal infidelity because he was notoriously chasing everything that wears a skirt.

OK? That's all.

And you know all And why are you posting this?
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