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Re: Watchmen movie ending blows...

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When translating a work from page to screen there should be an obligation to be true to the original work.

If you want to change the story, then don't use the same title because you are not telling the same tale.
Tell that to Alan Moore when he turned characters from classic works of literature into sexual and social deviants and had the audacity to try and pretend it was art.
Did you even read my post? He did not use the names and titles of other people's works and put his own name on it. He used archtypes created by others gave them his own names and wrote his own story to go with it. Doc Manhattan wasn't blamed in the book and shouldn't get the blame in the film. It would be like ending Return Of The King by having Sam destroy the ring.

I can understand cutting parts out for time constraints but I cannot support putting in parts that never occurred in the established story.
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