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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

Learning Curve (*)

I hadn't seen this episode in years and went into it having no preconceptions or memories from it.

Worst episode of the season.

The story idea is good; Maquis crewmen need help fitting in. The execution is TERRIBLE. Firstly, crewman Dalby is completely in the right; Starfleet regulations don't apply out here and he shouldn't be chastised for trying to fix a problem before it gets worse. In order to make him seem like the bad guy they write him as a complete ass. However, the coveted GodBen Award for Greatest Ass of the Season goes to Tuvok for making people run for 10km without telling them that he turned up the gravity. If I was Dalby I would have taken off my backpack and used it to beat Tuvok to death.

Yes, I have anger issues.

This is not a Starfleet ship anymore! You are not in Starfleet, your crew is not Starfleet, your mission is not Starfleet. Why adhere to rules and regulations which don't apply anymore in your situation? The Enterprise was less rigid than this and they were the frakking flagship!

And I haven't even talked about the cheese plot yet. Let me sum it up; some lights start to flicker and to fix it they have 5 minutes of technobabble. I can't believe they didn't win an emmy for the writing in this episode.

This episode left such a bad taste in my mouth that I had to eat some jelly-worms to wash it out. True story.

I haven't borrowed season 2 yet so it might be a few days before my next episode. Try not to panic like last time. I'm planning to do some sort of season recap, and if you are really lucky it might just include a few graphs.
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