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Re: Battlestar Galactica 4x17: "Someone to Watch Over Me"

Peacemaker, I think you're on the right track overall. A few comments

Peacemaker wrote: View Post
Yup, I think it's a map that has been passed on for longer than anybody actually realizes, maybe from the first Cylons created on Kobol (who IMO are the Virtuals) and if not from that time, either a time before Kobol, a map to Earth qua Earth as we know it to be, the place where all of mankind originated.
I'm just guessing, but I think the virtuals are from 2 iterations previous to Kobol (1 previous to the ruined planet). Also, the Earth that they found may not be our Earth. I'm guessing that the real Earth is where the music map is pointing them too and that's part of the big twist.

Evidence? Well, the head people (or person at least) wrote the song that is calling, presumably, their children home. So, that implies that the music map destination plays a parental role over the final five (and perhaps their cohorts on that planet but they're all dead). Therefore, the ruined planet is a colony of the real Earth, which is the music map destination.

I also don't think Cavil is really all that interested in finding the Colonists and eliminating them. They're lost in space as far as he's concerned, so he can just leave them there to rot on their own.
I sort of agree here and sort of disagree. Logically, that's what his approach should be. Let them be and focus himself more positively. However, that's clearly not the mental place he's in. He harbors a lot of anger against both the Final Five and the humans. And, guess what, they'll be in the same place at the same time.

However, I've stated for awhile that one of the potential solutions is to just give him and his followers the advanced, non-human bodies that they want (assuming that the Final Five have the technology which sounds reasonable). If the Final Five agree to that, they'd be buying peace which was their MO before. Of course, that only worked in the short run. However, that might be moot because . . .

He's more concerned with finding resurrection technology again. IMO, what'll happen is that both sides will finally figure out that they have a map to someplace else, "Earth 2" if you will.
Agree. But, come on, I know you're dying to call it Terra! Actually, the ruined planet they came across might actually be the Earth 2/Terra and we've yet to see the real Earth. That was a theory before and I'm thinking the music map fits in with that.

trading on it being an outpost of the 13th tribe that he can either take over with his assault force or play friendly with in order to gain their assistance.
I think the nature of that place will be more of a twist than just a 13th tribe outpost. It'll have more shock value than that I think. Afterall, they're saving it for the series finale. I'm thinking it'll be Earth, the real one this time.

We'll get our epic battle, but I'll bet we get one of those "Organian interference" endings.
I think we'll get our epic battle but I don't think we'll get the interference. Whatever the destination is, I think it'll be uninhabited except for the virtual people/person. Having an inhabited planet, even by humans or cylons, seems to go against the grain of the series. I'm thinking we'll just get the head people (or person) who originated from the music map destination. They/it seem to be powerless to influence events beyond suggestion and, of course, the musical call.

The ending, Galactica defends the habitable but currently uninhabited planet against Cavils forces. All ships end up destroyed or too weakened for space flight and the colonists settle on the planet for a strictly planet bound existence. They however have a framework for future legends based on resurrection, life after death, a spiritual plane, god like beings, etc.

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