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Re: Trek Art FAQ - Please Read Before Posting

I just had a look at the FAQ and the Inspiration & Information threads. There's something I've been wondering, and I don't think it's been answered in either thread. Plus I didn't want to open an extra thread just for that on subject alone.

Anyway, my question is this. I have a pencil drawing I did of a Star Trek character, Dukat. In other words, the drawing itself is my original creation (I'm not using any copyrighted screenshots or the like) but the character is not.

What happens if I post a work like this on my own website? I don't mean to sell it or use it to sell or advertise things (other than my own skills, that is), just to show it, really. Could this be a problem legally speaking? What notices (if any) would have to be included?

I'm sorry if this was covered elsewhere but I missed. I just didn't see it covered anywhere. And maybe this is even something that could go into the FAQ.
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