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Re: Battlestar Galactica 4x17: "Someone to Watch Over Me"

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why the frak does everyone think Kara's dad is 'Daniel'?
there's no evidence to support this . . .
What were you waiting for, for Starbuck to start singing the lyrics to the song with the first verse being "My dad is secretly a Cylon skinjob"?
I can't say what prompted the feeling, but when my roommate and I were watching the episode, things went somewhat like this:

[We're both sitting comfortably, staring at the screen]

SLICK: The point is to bring a little grace and beauty to an otherwise ugly and brutal existence.

ME [still staring at the screen]: That's both Starbuck's dad and Daniel, isn't it?

MY ROOMMATE [also staring at the screen]: Yup.
"From the darkness you must fall, failed and weak, to darkness all."
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