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Odo: King of the Dough-Boys


Odo's been The Dominion's King for almost a decade now.

3 more months until Odo can celebrate his:

1st Decade being KING of the DOUGH-BOYS.

At the end of WYLB, Femme-Odo stepped down as being Dominion Queen, to stand trial for her atrocities & genocide, & then get shipped up the river to the Fed's Oz for eternity.

The UFP, like Krypton, has no death penalty. {No 24th Centuryer'll go within 10 parsecs of Talos IV!}

So, Femme-Odo became Schillinger's luvbunny & Odo took her place as the Dominion's King.

How much success do you think Odo has had democratizing the Dough Boys?

10 years later is The Dominion now a Γ Quadrant “UFP”? If so, has Odo changed the name of the Dominion to something more Fed-like?

Has Odo carried out Weyoun 6's desires & wishes, which were very much like his own?

Is Weyoun 6 now a national hero & revered martyr by Odo's administration, & the “New Dominion”?

Are there now statues of Weyoun 6 on Foundera & other Dough Boy worlds?

Weyoun 6, had he survived, no doubt would've been Odo's veep in the “New Dominion”, & been a great instrument for proselytizing democracy on Dough Boy worlds & throughout the γ quadrant

Is there now free colonization & exploration rights for α & β Quadrant powers & species in the Γ Quadrant?

No doubt New Bajor is back

Well, I hope Odo's invited Kira, Doc Bashir, Rom, Leeta, O'Brien, Kasidy & her'n`Benny's now 10 year old kid, Quark, Worf, Jake, Nog, Morn & Garak entc, ent al to Foundera for his
10 Year Celebration of being Dough-Boy King

YOUR thoughts re: Odo's decade since WYLB>
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