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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

Mistral wrote: View Post
Oh, crap. Here it comes....
Yeah...Macet's team will definitely have to make a quick shift to Plan B!

Though thank goodness Vergal didn't think about how his voice would carry to species with more sensitive ears than Cardassians have...

(Which is actually most AQ species, even though the difference isn't extreme.)

mirandafave wrote: View Post
A tense and fraught situation for Spirodopoulos dealing with Speros. One of thiose situations were words have to be carefully chosen. Well played by Spirodopoulos he'll make a true diplomat after this. Assuming he lives. Considering the betrayal ... it's hard to see how any might make it out. It is going to be one tough situation. Great read.
Speros is...well, he's Speros. I can't really describe the guy except to show the way he acts. (Hey, CeJay--any more questions about how I portray Cardassians? )

And he's tough for ANYBODY to handle, even some other Cardassians. (In fact, he and Berat can hardly tolerate each other.) Macet and Daro can...but if you asked Macet in private, he'd tell you his years on the Ghiletz as XO were damn stressful.

And Macet was (and is) one of Speros' favorites!

Spirodopoulos has got a LOT on his plate when it comes to dealing with the guy, that's for sure.

About the'll see in the next segment. Your reaction to that...and that of Mistral...I find quite interesting indeed, and I'll make sure to mention why when the next segment comes up.
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