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Re: Battlestar Galactica 4x17: "Someone to Watch Over Me"

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why the frak does everyone think Kara's dad is 'Daniel'? there's no evidence to support this . . .
Really? Why would Kara's dad know a song that Sam Anders had played 2,000 years prior on Earth? Who taught it to him, and why did he pass it on to Kara? And why was that very song the trigger that awakened the FF? The song is a map. Watch Dreilide's face as Kara slowly starts to remember, look at his eyes. There's some serious shit going on...
Yup, I think it's a map that has been passed on for longer than anybody actually realizes, maybe from the first Cylons created on Kobol (who IMO are the Virtuals) and if not from that time, either a time before Kobol, a map to Earth qua Earth as we know it to be, the place where all of mankind originated.

I also don't think Cavil is really all that interested in finding the Colonists and eliminating them. They're lost in space as far as he's concerned, so he can just leave them there to rot on their own. He's more concerned with finding resurrection technology again. IMO, what'll happen is that both sides will finally figure out that they have a map to someplace else, "Earth 2" if you will. Cavil will go there to hopefully find resurrection technology, trading on it being an outpost of the 13th tribe that he can either take over with his assault force or play friendly with in order to gain their assistance. The Colonists will go there to find a place to live. Their meeting will be an accident, although I think the Colonists will be prepared to face Cavil since they have the advantage of knowing that both the song and the picture corresponding to its notes are the same map in different forms. The Cylons don't know about the song, so they won't be expecting the Colonists to show up.

Since we've not yet heard anybody say, "Go back to where you came from!" (have we?), I also guess that there's something on that planet or outpost that neither party will expect to find, one that will finally force them into a settled peace, unless the Centurions themselves rise up and put an end to it. We'll get our epic battle, but I'll bet we get one of those "Organian interference" endings.
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