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Re: Watchmen movie ending blows...

But it's the same as with LOEG. He used the characters but he never purported to adapt the actual books "The Invisible Man", "King Solomon's Mines", "Dr. Jekyll", etc. He just used the characters. Many authors do this. I don't see the hypocrisy here.
He kind of was adapting it. He'll just never admit to it. LOEG is presented as being very pseudo-sequelish in terms of tone, content, homages, and in terms of continuity. This was not Billy The Kid vs Dracula. This was a deliberate attempt to try and recreate the world, personalities, and themes of these characters with a contemporary flair. Except his flair almost always involves deviant behavior. The book prides itself on being as authentic and true to form as possible, and that right there is the difference.

If he was complaining about WB or Fox using some of his characters in some other movie that wasn't based on his work, then yes, I would see that as hypocritical.
He was complaining non-stop about the movie and how it was butchering his work. It could be aruged he did the same thing to Robert Louis Stevenson, Brahm Stoker, and Jules Verne. If you don't see the hypocricay then I'm sorry.
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