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Re: Watchmen movie ending blows...

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Tell that to Alan Moore when he turned characters from classic works of literature into sexual and social deviants and had the audacity to try and pretend it was art.
You might have a case if Moore was adapting "Alice in Wonderland", "Peter Pan", or "Wizard of Oz". He wasn't. He came out with an entirely new story with an entirely different title that featured the characters.

Countless authors have done this. I mean, does every crazy book that features the character of Dracula somehow detract from the original Bram Stoker novel?
I wouldn't normally bitch about it, but Moore is the biggest hypocrite in the world for constantly saying how Hollywood rapes is characters and stories. And then he goes and writes LOEG, in which he literally and figuratively does that to much beloved characters written by authors who would no doubt disapprove of the filth he drags their characters into. He has no right to bitch about The LOEG movie. Because they weren't his characters to begin with. And if anything, they came across better then when he was writing them.
But it's the same as with LOEG. He used the characters but he never purported to adapt the actual books "The Invisible Man", "King Solomon's Mines", "Dr. Jekyll", etc. He just used the characters. Many authors do this. I don't see the hypocrisy here.

If he was complaining about WB or Fox using some of his characters in some other movie that wasn't based on his work, then yes, I would see that as hypocritical.
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