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Re: Titan: Over a Torrent Sea (SPOILERS)

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I don't understand why there's a discussion about abortion going on here. First, as I already said, there was no abortion-rights issue in Destiny. The baby was inevitably going to die (as far as anyone knew at the time). It's not as if Ree's decision would've changed the baby's fate -- only the mother's fate was in question. I think that trying to cast this as an abortion-rights issue is profoundly misreading the facts of the case.

Second, this debate is about something that happened in Destiny, so what is it doing in the thread for Over a Torrent Sea? Aren't we getting off topic here?
I agree. Neither this book nor Destiny was talking about abortion at all.

I finished this last night, and I second basically everything else above.

Some comments:
-Before the name of Riker and Troi's daughter was revealed, I had a feeling that it would be Tasha. When I read the part referencing 'the woman who died trying to save my life' (coming from Troi), I knew that HAD to be Tasha.
-I agree with a few other posters that I would like to see more of Dakal. The first Cardassian in Starfleet is a big thing, especially considering the not-so-friendly relations either have had with each-other for 20-30 years or so. At least when Worf joined Starfleet, the UFP and the Klingons had been allies for some time.
-Bralik is another character that I was glad to see SOME of, although it wasn't very much this time.
-I thought that the beginning dragged a lot, as the Titan crew was attempting to figure out what was going on. Pretty much once it was determined that the asteroid was headed for Droplet, things heated up.
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