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Re: Battlestar Galactica 4x17: "Someone to Watch Over Me"

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^ I'm beginning to think we're gonna see Galactica's death before the final episode. I also think the ship itself might prove to be the 'dying leader' which takes them to the promised land, perhaps in one last jump.
I'm fairly convinced that the dying leader is Adama. Yes, I think the Galactica will be destroyed. And, can you picture him not going down with the ship? I can't.

Mr Awe
Sure, he'd go down with the ship. But they've set up a kind of scifi possibility with the ship going to pieces during a jump ... for all we know, that could be a time thing that scatters folks to far reaches and starts the whole thing over again.
That would be pretty undramatic, compared to the alternatives, to have the ship just disintegrate during a jump! And, I don't see BSG doing the time technobabble thing to explain the cycle.

Nah, the Galactica will go out in a big battle against Cavil's forces (no spoilers, just me guessing). In that scenario, Adama will be aboard.

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