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Re: Sovereign Class and Photon Torpedoes

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1: The Galaxy class was DEFIANTELY comfirmed to have children! What are you talking about lol?

... etc, etc...
Tone is important here. Timo and I don't always agree on things, but the guy is smart and thoughtful, and was treating you with a great deal of respect already. You have no right to be so hostile, and mocking no less, towards the guy. You need to take a step back and think a little more before you respond.

And it's worse, even, than that... because the point you THINK you're "correcting" him on isn't the point he was making at all. If you'd stopped to actually read what he was saying, and thought it over before responding... instead of responding with a hostile, emotionally-driven comment... you'd have realized that the point he was making above wasn't "there weren't kids on the 1701-D" but rather that "we don't know if there were kids on the 1701-E."

Reading comprehension (and proper spelling and grammar) count for a lot when your entire means of communication is built around the written word. Which is definitely the case here.

I'm not a moderator... I'm just giving you friendly advice. But this BBS has enough "if you don't agree with me I hate you and will destroy you" types. Please don't fall into that trap yourself. Here in the "Tech" forum (like the "Art" forum) egos seem to be mostly in-check, and while we often disagree, the conversations are DISCUSSIONS, not "flamefests." I'd prefer for it to stay that way.

I don't always agree with Timo, but I always like seeing what he has to say. And if you're polite and respectful of others (just as others ought to be towards you!), it'll be a lot nicer in here, don't you think?
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