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Re: Anyone Else Love "Whom Gods Destroy"?

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I'll have to admit that I've watched this episode three times in the last couple of weeks. Sure, it's not the "best" episode, but there's much to like:

1) The late, great Steve Ihnat as Lord Garth - Over-the-top doesn't begin to describe his performance! Love the little changes in his voice, from high-pitched adolescent, to lo-voiced psycho. "Si-lience!"
He was a pretty funny guy the bloopers are great. Made Shatner and cast crack up...

2) Shatner as Garth - The scene in the beginning when Garth assumes Kirk's form. Shatner as Garth laughs, has a temper tantrum and hams it up, as if the Shat needed a reason.
Shatner NEVER needs a reason to ham it up.. He does so anyway. Shatner is a "Ham-o-saurus." If you look that up in the unofficial trek dictionary it has Bill shatner in his classic over acting twilight zone gig. "There's something out on the wing! Some thing!" and even his over acting bits in the undiscovered country.

3) The Restrained McCoy - Too much Tri-Ox compound, perhaps? Kelley is positively medicated here! He's not even angry!
It was the writers, they were not always doing their best work and writing good scripts... it was a low budget series. All the actors had the bouts where there were lines left out omitted and bad dialogue. Kelley was never given any good lines until about season 2... and a few season 3 ones too.

Amok time he had a few great one liners,
Journey to Babel
Space Seed
By any other name <- classic Mccoy quack doctor bit...
The Paradise Syndome
The Ultimate computer
Omega Glory
Immunity Syndrome
Friday's Child <-- alot of history for mccoy's early career as a doctor.
Is there in truth no beauty

For the world is hollow and I have touched the sky <-- his best episode.

This episode actually linked very well to Star Trek the motion Picture and explained what Mccoy did after resigning angrily from Starfleet when Kirk was promoted when they returned from the 5 year mission. His research into fabercini medicine symbols taken from that episode.

4) Yvonne Craig as Marta - After watching her here, I flipped on the Wild, Wild West season one DVD set and watched “The Night of the Grand Emir”, where the lovely Yvonne does another dance, back in 1965-66.
Quick where's the Bat Bike... and the skimpy leather suit she wore to show off her hooters.

That was a pretty obscure part for her after her fame for being Bat girl... It wasn't bad, rather would have liked to see her with a little more to do than to run around half naked and try to seduce Kirk... and Garth.

5) The Return of the Neural Neutralizer - Yes, some form of continuity! Even Kirk says he recognizes it! Also note the Federation Nut House uniforms making another appearance. Keye Luke's uni looked pretty baggy. Guess james Gregory's size was bigger.
Well low budget series, you will see alot of reused props... look closely on the stage too.. tops of like the Changeling Nomad robot head, and other parts about... Typical... NBC was pretty cheap...

6) "Queen to Queen's Level Three"- Classic, my friends.
Yes and a legitament and REAL move.. try stacking three chess boards on top of each other, and play chess in three dimensions. I tried that after seeing that episode, and you must think in three dimensional terms and logic.
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