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Re: The Amazing Race - 3/1/2009 - (Live Commentary/Discussion)

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Victor came across as a real douchebag in this episode. Hopefully that was editing taking over because it was unbelieveable that this team went from first to last only being lucked out by a team that made a crucial mistake.

I really liked Amanda and Kris in this episode for some reason. I think they work well together and other than the passports, they seem like a strong flying under the radar type team.

As for these teams making mistakes, I actually think this season is an improvement over the last in that aspect. The teams are actually reading the clues here, and that was a really big problem in 13. Sad to see Brad and Victoria eliminated but they wrote their own fate by taking that flight this early in the game.
From extra clips it doesn't appear that it was editing.

And yes the teams last year were making far, far more mistakes. Some fairly minor, but some huge ones. But a lot more of them.
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