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Re: The Amazing Race - 3/1/2009 - (Live Commentary/Discussion)

Well I wouldn't necessarily blame their luck.

Remember Brad & Victoria are told that the connection is tight, and then later told the flight is running late. They still took that flight, even though they still had another flight available that had several teams on it.

There is a time and a place for risky air travel, but being in the middle of the pack isn't that time. It was a very stupid decision.

Then we have Victor. People know I am just a little deranged when it comes to this show. I have never see or heard of a single time a racer has ignored the opinion of his teammate and kept going on a task. Never.

Now teams have gotten lost, and teams have gone to the wrong side of a continent (or country), but never when their teammate from the very first moment is telling them they are doing the wrong thing.
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