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Re: What should the next Superman movie be?

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After season 9 of Smallville...A Superman movie with all the Smallville cast that would work...Welling, Durance, Ashmore, Rosenbaum, Kreuk, O'Toole, Mack, Hartley, Vandervoort, Freeman, Witwer and I would include Stamp as Jor-El and Slater as Lara, Morris as J'onn J'onzz. I would include villains ofcourse Doomsday and Lex, also Metallo, Bizarro and Zod.


But who would go and watch it? Welling regularly gets out acted by the set.
I don't agree, there are many times Welling shines, it depends on the writing...I feel in some cases He gets handcuffed by the writing...I think He has done very well from season 3-8 I don't think he is the best actor in the world...but people need to cut him some slack. I watch Smallville all the time, got all the DVDs and watch new episodes on TV...I think alot of people will go see Smallville based Superman movie...I'd see it like a dozen times.

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