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Re: What should the next Superman movie be?

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Yeah...who's the genius who said "Hey! Let's make a Superman TV series where Clark Kent never turns into Superman and never flies!"?
I think it's great that he's not wearing the costume, it's butt ugly and idiotic, easily the worst part of Superman.

I also want a younger Martha and Johnathan (who's not dead), if Smallville did one thing right, it was not making the Kents old farts.
Well, then call it something else -- cos it's NOT Superman if you change that kind of stuff!

People who want to change the basics should create their own superhero and do all that shit!

But, if people don't like things about Superman they should leave Superman alone and do their own thing!

It's stupid to say "Let's do Superman but get rid of the costume, all the DC supervillains, Krypton and the Kents...oh, and let's change the name of Smallville to Littletown while we're at it!"


DC should be stricter about what people are allowed to do with the character. I know if it were my property, any of that revisionist bullshit would never go into production.
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