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Re: TV pilot season begins...

Premium cable continues to be the mainstay for historical fiction: HBO Tackles the Borgias.

I'm glad to see a not-overexposed period of history as a topic for a series. Can't say the Borgias particularly interest me, though.

The intent is to make "Borgias" an ongoing series that will track the Borgia family's amoral escapades in Spain and Rome during the height of the Renaissance
Oh who knows, if they cast some fun folks, I might just tune in. Okay what good could-pass-for-Italian actors are there? This sounds just about perfect for Angelica Huston. And when Ian McShane's Kings flops hard, they can snap him up, too. Life on Mars won't get another season, so that frees up Harvey Keitel. Talk about an actor who was born to play a Borgia. And all those Sopranos vets. And Zeljko Ivanek, currently being wasted on Heroes.
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