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Re: Battlestar Galactica 4x17: "Someone to Watch Over Me"

A nice little slow-burner, so Above Average.

At the start with all of the wonderful music I was already thinking it was better than last week. It was excellent, all the way through the episode.

Well, they really had me going, setting up Kara with that guy, making me think she was going to start moving on with her life. Then of course we notice that they weren't showing Kara's Dad's face when she was flashing back to childhood, so I knew something was afoot. But not when they started rocking out to Watchtower together! And Tigh's face was an absolute picture! Michael Hogan is full of win even in small appearances.

Boomer had me going too. There I was with all my season one/two Boomer-baggage, hoping for what they were spoon-feeding us - a Boomer/Tyrol reunion. Tyrol puts a plan in motion to help Boomer escape, but then suddenly Helo is interrupting her. And she will do *anything* to get her and Hera off the ship. There is no coming back for her, really. I felt so bad for the Agathons, they have such hard luck. But good to see that Roslin can still call it when she needs to. Her sensing of Hera's trouble was very disturbing...

And so with the amazing last third of the episode, we find out that Kara was imagining her Dad - Head-Papa-Starbuck? He wrote Watchtower, and Hera knows sheet music! I mean, she knows the song. And Kara knows the song. But only the cylons otherwise know the song. Some big implications going on there? Is Daniel to be revealed as Starbuck's Dad? It would fit with a bow very nicely.

Boomer jumping away and damaging Galactica as she did can *not* be a good thing.
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