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Re: Battlestar Galactica 4x17: "Someone to Watch Over Me"

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For those who didn't like this episode, I'm just curious as to whether you preferred No Exit.
Yes I thought "No Exit" was excellent and probably the best episode all season and yes it received that high praise from me because it provided such an intriguing, coherent narrative that really added to the BSG mythology tying together pieces in such an elegant way. Does that mean though that just because it was heavy on revelations that I have to have revelations to enjoy an episode? No.
I enjoyed the revelations in No Exit too, I think they resolved a lot of the mysteries very well. However, there is that old adage in TV that you must show and not tell, and that is a rule that this episode followed and No Exit did not.

I'm not just talking about the revelations that Anders dumped on us, I'm talking about certain character motivations. At one point in the episode when Anders is under anaesthetic, Kara is talking to him and reveals to him the fact that she was being greedy by wanting to know if she was the seventh Cylon. Well duh. There was absolutely no reason to explain that to the audience because we had already figured it out. StWOM did not do that, it accepted that the audience was smart enough to figure it out on our own and they didn't feel the need to confirm it to the audience. It is nice to have a TV show which is treating me like an intelligent human-being rather than taking my hand and walking me through the story as though I were a child.

And to those who say that this episode didn't have any revelations; it did have revelations, it just chose to show them to us rather than outright explain everything to us. I am extremely happy with that decision.
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