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Re: Joss Whedon wins again.

I agree with the concensus that so far it is good, not great. It appears that Joss may by trying to produce something CSI-like because crime procedurals have big appeal at the moment.

I think the concept lends itself both to reset-button episodes (what Fox wants) and long-term arcs. I think the concept and setup are both strong - you have this organization that only cares about satisfying the client, conflicting with someone like Boyd Langton, a former cop who not only knows right from wrong, but feels a real sense of responsibility about protecting the 'doll' he is assigned to.

It looks like the dolls are already gaining some sentience of the big picture, so this is not going to be a show where they are mindless zombies - they are already protecting each other and forming bonds.

There are so many directions the story can go - rebellion is just one of them

I liked Firefly a lot more, however, and Dr. Horrible was hilarious.

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