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Re: Why isnt FARSCAPE on Blu-ray?

And before anybody mentions 'upconverting' standard def DVD players like they're the second coming:

As Colonel Sherman Potter might say, 'Horse hockey!'

Upconversion is universal. Even if your DVD player doesn't do this, your HDTV will. If they did not do this, then whenever you viewed a standard DVD on an HDTV setup, you'd just get a tiny box of image in the center of the screen surrounded by a foot of black on all sides. *Upconversion happens all the time*. And with any halfway decent HDTV, *its* upconverter will be better than any supposed 'upconverting DVD player' ever could be.

I mean, that's exactly why I bought the specific Blu-Ray player that I did: I can DISABLE its upconverter (for standard def DVDs). I don't *want* the DVD player to upconvert, because I know my TV will be better at it. Odds are, anyone here with an HDTV will be in the same boat.
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