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Re: Battlestar Galactica 4x17: "Someone to Watch Over Me"

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But for a serialized drama like BSG to feel at times aimless and lost as far as its narrative purpose in its final season is bewildering especially after Moore has repeatedly stated that he felt that four seasons was just right to tell the story he wanted without overstaying his welcome as a creative force.

A slow burn is one thing where the writers carefully build a story over a season ramping up the tension and excitement and it is another when the writers stall and throw a bone to the viewer.
It's not bewildering, Moore has repeatedly lied all the time. Which is fine, he's a salesman and writer (paid liar) which has kept you hooked all this time. He's said all sorts of things, including that there were enough episodes for 7 seasons. It's all true depending on how you look at it, but also all completely false.
Actually he said 5 seasons, maybe 6. It's clear Sci-fi didn't want a fifth season and Moore closed the show up. It's also clear, and he will admit, that as the show moved on more and more they were pulling it out of their asses more and more.
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