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Re: Starscape Station (Starscape BBS)

Hello Everyone!

I've got a few announcements to get out of the way:

1) Starscape BBS has started a linkback exchange and destination hub.
If you own a BBS and would like to be listed in the linkback hub, send me a PM over at Starscape or right here at TBBS.
In return for linking your board to ours, we will place a banner of your choice (340x120)
in our Transport Terminal where people can click right to your door.

If you don't own your own board, you can also talk about other boards in our Destination center, whether they are good,
bad, fun, whatever you like.

2) Starscape BBS will be having a spam drive. Think along the lines of Spamicon, but
not quite. There are no prizes or awards, but you do get to spam incessantly in a pre-made
forum. Why, you ask? Starscape is trying to build search engine notability, and we need to increase
post count. Starting Monday, March 2nd, you will be able to either post in the spam forum, or play in one of the
game threads we will have in the regular fora. Your posts will be counted. So if you spam in the spam threads or play
a game in the game threads, it will add to your post count.

We hope to see you on the board!


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