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Re: If You Could Re-Imagine the Phoenix?

I really like this approach. It's unconventional enough to be interesting, but the dual-ring pod setup is nicely evocative of the later style nacelles.

The one thing I wasn't sure of is this: do you propose mating this craft to a larger ring, or just be warp-capable as is?
Nonononono... I meant the whole ship would look like one of those pods with the rings around them.

The main hull would look like a mix of the manned orbiting laboratory and the pod (the thing that mounts the propeller and the duct around it)

I've always held the notion that perhaps Cochrane had been working on the project since long before the war, and was moved to a remote and theoretically safe location such as Bozeman in an effort to protect the project. To my thinking, most of the project was already finished, and it was Cochrane and his team who, having survived the war, decided to finish it for the reasons basically specified in the movie.
That isn't all that bad a premise. I was thinking that the war could start before they ever reached the prototype stage (the unmanned versions). The war finishes, they get back on their feet, they build the unmanned versions, test them, it works, they build the manned version, test it, go FTL.

Yeah, that was a bit much. I'd just attribute it as hyperbole from nervousness regarding his new-found importance to history.
To be honest, even then it doesn't exactly fit...

That also makes perfect sense, and also seems like something that could have also been worked on before the war broke out to me. I don't think it's really necessary to cling too hard to the 2061 date anyway.
I'd like to stick to it. That way the discrepancy could be hypothetically resolved.

Luck? Also makes one wonder if they really accomplished it so easily in the unaltered timeline
Probably. As in First Contact, Cochrane, Riker and LaForge made the flight at pretty much the exact same time it was "supposed" to have been made in 2063. If they didn't the Vulcan ship wouldn't have seen their warp signature and altered course.

I would think there would have at least been space-station support prior to the war, or alternatively, a lunar colony. A small, self-sustaining lunar colony with which Cochrane could have maintained contact might nicely solve various issues.

Agreed, but like you I'm not sure about matter/antimatter. Personally, I'd be inclined to say no, if only because of the apparent lack of resources.
Well anti-matter can technically be created now. The trick is making enough of it and safely storing it.

Alternatively, perhaps the Phoenix was the only craft at the time which used M/AM, having used up almost all of the antimatter that had been created by Eath over a decades-long laborious process (aside apparently from the 'Friendship One' probe seen on 'Voyager') and that later craft used fusion power until more massive amounts antimatter could be produced later on.
That would be an interesting take. Truthfully speaking considering the Phoenix was the first warp-ship it probably wouldn't be as efficient as later warp-engines and would consume more matter/anti-matter for the same effect.

I think the capsule makes sense either way. Your craft certainly looks capable of de-orbiting in its entirety, but the capsule would at the least be a nice safety precaution.
Like an ejection capsule... bail out if all goes to hell in a handbasket

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