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Thread necromancy. Sorry.

Anyway, I finally saw this yesterday and I was impressed. We Canadians are always touting our rich history but rarely does a dramatic effort make it seems as grand as it really is. Passchendaele succeeds admirably on that front, I think.

IIRC the budget for this thing was $30 million, most of which Gross had to beg borrow or steal and it's plain that not one cent was wasted. This movie looks and feels better and more authentic than it has any right to.

I sort of rolled my eyes when I first heard this was going to be mainly a love story but I thought it worked remarkably well. This was clearly a passion project for Gross and it really showed in his performance, especially in the scenes set in Calgary. Caroline Dhavernas was pretty good too. Another standout was that jackass Major who got shrapneled near the end. I kinda liked that guy. I'll also admit to getting a little misty-eyed during Sergeant Dunne's "Jesus" moment at the climax.

It's nice for once to see an epic "flag waving" movie about Canada; the kind that Americans do so well all the time. It was kind of surreal. Passchendaele is not perfect by any means but it was way better than I expected it to be and made me kind of proud of my heritage at the same time.

4/5 Stars.
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