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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

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Seska was a pragmatist. There might not have been any events that really justified her betrayal, but she wasn't wrong in expecting that having allies might be in their best interest sooner rather than later. It never struck me as a bad play on her part.
Voyager is the fastest and most powerful ship in the DQ so far, why make an ally when you will have left them behind in a few months? I know we are going to see the Kazon Nistrim a lot in season 2 because Tom couldn't stop Voyager from going in loops for some reason, but logically there was little reason for Seska to do what she did. If they had showed the Kazon as a greater threat, or even bothered to show them at all after Caretaker, then State of Flux would have been almost perfect.

Faces (****)

This is a good character episode for B'Elanna and it has some interesting scenes. There's a particularly good scene where the Human and Klingon B'Elannas meet and talk about girl stuff like boys and lipstick and how to slowly sap all happiness from their significant other. Oh sorry, I meant they talked about the psychology of the two halves of her personality. I get those two things confused sometimes. There is also a really cool bit where the Vidiian rips off Durst's face and uses it as his own in order to attract Klingon B'Elanna. The Delta Quadrant truly is fucked up.

But this episode runs a bit too long and gets a little dull in places. It is a problem with the format of this sort of episode where main characters are captured and in need of rescue, and I see this problem in pretty much every TV show which has done an episode like this. We know that they are going to escape in the end (except for Durst who had a big target on his back) so you have to fill the hour with interesting scenes and characters. This episode clearly has some good scenes, but it also has some plodding scenes.

There is also that plot hole you could fly a plane through left by the fact that the Vidiians apparently have the ability to create entirely new people through magic, so why are they going about the galaxy murdering people? Any sympathy I had for the Vidiians in The Phage is completely erased by how stupid they seem to be.

Ultimately I think it is a good episode that needed a little more in order to be great.
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