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Re: Battlestar Galactica 4x17: "Someone to Watch Over Me"

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This episode was awesome, so much happened in the last 15 minutes. So much revealed. Ellen said someone is manipulating all of them, pulling the strings, I believe there is something behind all of this.
We've been discussing and theorizing about the 3rd party pulling the strings for quite a long time now, this is nothing new.

Mr Awe
What's new is someone on the show also saying something is pulling the strings, in this case someone of importance, one of the final 5 realizing something is pulling the strings. So now it isn't just us theorizing about it, its actually in the show that they think this as well.
We knew something was pulling the strings since Ellen came back two weeks ago. She admitted that the sun exploding must be someone else. Thus this episode is useless.

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I completely agree. What a way to piss away a precious hour. I'm seriously contemplating just Tivoing the rest of the series and watching it after the fact. If it wasn't at the end, I'm flat out drop it.
Me too, only three weeks left, I won't ditch now, but I'm really fed up with this bullshit.
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