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Re: Battlestar Galactica 4x17: "Someone to Watch Over Me"

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It was piss ass fucking bullshit poor.

I love the previews that Sci-fi does "....was just the beginning!!!". No, the show is fucking over in 3 weeks it's the fucking end! GET TO THE FUCKING POINT!!!!

Are the Final Five good for anything? Nope.
Do we know anything about Starbuck? Nope.
Boomer is still useless? Yep.
Ship still dieing? Yep.

Where is John and the other Cylons? How is Baltar's cult going to play into the show?

I normally wouldn't care but there are only 4 fucking "hours" left and it's time to get their ass moving!!!
I completely agree. What a way to piss away a precious hour. I'm seriously contemplating just Tivoing the rest of the series and watching it after the fact. If it wasn't at the end, I'm flat out drop it.

The Boomer storyline was good, and I really liked the end of the episode.

As for the "answers" about Kara? What a way to waste time and not say anything.

I'm so disappointed with this second half of this season. So much potential to wrap things up and what a dragging, boring assed waste of time.
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