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Re: Battlestar Galactica 4x17: "Someone to Watch Over Me"


I said before the show that if the whole Starbuck thing isn't pretty much revealed tonight, this show was getting an average, and I'm sticking to it. There really wasn't much revealed with Starbuck tonight and what it is is purely still speculation. It hasn't been revealed on the show yet and with 3 episodes left, that's damn frustrating. I was really intregued with All Along the Watchtower but that was the only thing this episode had. A lot of it felt like Been there, Done that and it was just really slow. As for the Piano guy, I didn't get the sense he was a head vision of Buck's father, but coming here it does kind of make sense. I think I need to rewatch the final ten minutes to be sure. Still, slow moving and it feels like we're crawling to the finale rather than going at it full bore.
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