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Re: Battlestar Galactica 4x17: "Someone to Watch Over Me"

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Boomer has barely even been in the series since "Rapture", while Starbuck got the entire Demetrius storyline pretty much to herself. She doesn't lack airtime.
Yeah, but I'm not sure Boomer really deserves an entire episode. I mean, it's not like she's critical to the story...
Clearly, the producers agree with you. I can't fathom why such an interesting character - a Cylon who thought she was a human, and was basically forced by other Cylons into an evil zombie mode into which she was murderous - has never been deserving of a decent storyline, once Athena took her place on board. Boomer should have had deep issues with the other Cylons and an entirely different worldview, but this was shown only in "Downloaded" and the character was dropped after that. Instead, the BSG producers apparently prefer manufactured drame like the Sam-Kara-Lee-Dee quadrangle of doom, or the Ellen-Caprica-Tigh shit from last week. They could have a really dramatic figure in a Cylon who loathes what the others did and is hated by the humans for all the wrong reasons, but it just didn't interest the producers. A pity.
Boomer always got the short end of the stick. She changed personalities whenever it was convient for the story.

I gave this episode an Above Average. Good beginning, a shaky middle, and an awesome end.

The Starbuck storyline led to an obvious answer. I just hope it actually leads to something. I also hope Adama does something more in these next few episodes than drink and cry. The man has shown great fondness is being a drama queen lately.

My problem's with Boomer aside, it was cool to see the story focus on her and what she and Cavil managed to pull off was impressive indeed. Aaron Douglas was top-notch here and the scene where he goes back into his "house" accompanied by the piano music was great.

That look on Tigh's face when the music was playing was pretty damn funny. Even in his limited time, Michael Hogan is awesome.
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