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Are you pretending you wouldn't even consider the idea in Geordi's situation?
I certainly wouldn't go into a situation expecting romance when I'd not even met the person. And no, a hologram or knowledge of the person is not the same. If Geordi believes that, then he is rather delusional or just a bit sad. I go for the latter, at least they were consistent with Geordi being a loser in love throughout the show. Anyone normal meets someone, finds them captivating, then falls in love or tries for more.

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You'd only see a problem with this if you're up your own ass with a bunch of phoney feminist BS, so stop internet white-knighting.
I'm sensing some pretty stron anti-woman sentiment from you. It's quite clear you think Geordi is right because women are feminists, shouldn't be in proper jobs and in fact Leah should have gone "Oooh Geordi, you are so clever and want to date little ol me? Well shucks, sure big boy!" How terribly wrong for a woman in the 24th century not to be into 19th century dating.
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